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Doctors Offer Flu Shots to Detained Migrants, Feds Say No

Posted by Shani Saxon on November 20, 2019

Medical professionals warn the Trump administration that a “devastating” epidemic could be on the horizon.

U.S. Has World's Highest Child Incarceration Rates

Posted by Shani Saxon on November 19, 2019

Human rights attorney presents study to United Nations about United States’ “inhumane treatment” of young people.

Ayanna Pressley Seeks to Remake Criminal Justice System

Posted by Shani Saxon on November 15, 2019

The Representative from Massachusetts introduces legislation that calls for a “decarceration-focused” system that is “smaller, safer, less punitive and more humane.”

Project South’s Azadeh Shahshahani on how the state and White supremacists have united to target immigrant activists—and why it won’t work.