FRED Talks Event at Facing Race in Detroit

Taking Place at Facing Race: A National Conference. November 9, 2018 Detroit, MI. Mass Freedom FRED Talks. (Facing Race, Eleveating Democracy).

Join us for FRED Talks at Facing Race in Detroit, MI, where speakers will share strategies on how we move towards a multiracial democracy in which we are all truly free. FRED Talks will feature:

  • Roksana Mun
  • Marlon Petterson
  • Tawana Honeycomb Petty
  • Mama Rhonda Anderson
  • Keira Dixon
  • Candi Brings Plenty
  • Isa Noyola
  • Ahya Simone (Performer)

FRED Talks will serve as a place to make friends, share solutions, and get inspired. Participants will have space to engage with one another, share their own stories, and highlight effective strategies for change they are using in their work.

Register for FRED Talks as part of your Facing Race attendance. Facing Race registration is required to attend this FRED Talks event.

Date and Time
Fri, November 9, 2018
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Facing Race Conference
Portside Ballroom, Cobo Center
1 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226

About FRED Talks:

FRED Talks is part of Race Forward’s Mass Freedom project. Mass Freedom seeks to bridge movements to end systems of mass criminalization by 1) elevating the experiences of those who have been most directly affected by these systems, and by 2) empowering communities of color to unite amidst a political landscape that grows more threatening with each day.

FRED Talks (Facing Race, Elevating Democracy) are videos produced at local events where activists and leaders share their stories and effective strategies for change.

The stories and lived experiences of those most impacted by Mass Criminalization and Immigration are the foundations from which we weave our Movements. In order to shift narratives and break down systems of oppression we must amplify the voices of those who are leading the work.

FRED talks serve as a platform, a political education tool and a point of unapologetic connection. We are called to lean in, listen, teach and learn from the legacies of those who have innovated and upheld our Movements while creating a path for the change makers still to come.

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